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Today’s digital marketing is complex and can be overwhelming to the average small business owner. Whether you want to learn how to do it all yourself, need someone to do the time-consuming research and setups for you, or a maybe you just need a little guidance — I’m here to help!

Digital marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Services

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Most folks think that just by posting on Facebook or buying Facebook ads is enough. They soon discover that it doesn’t work. They are not getting the results they hoped for. Without doing proper research and planning, marketing efforts will fail. Let me do this time-consuming essential first step for you!

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization

The key to a search engine optimized website is to write for the human reader — your potential customer — but with the search engine in mind. You want to convert your visitor to lead or a sale and proper copywriting will do that. However, you still need Google to find you. Good website copy — both on pages and blog posts — is key to effective marketing.

Social Media, WordPress, Blogging, Training and Coaching

1:1 Social Media & WordPress Training & Coaching

Once everything is set-up, branded, optimized and ready for prime time, I can teach you or someone on your team, how it all works, as well as how to manage your social media in just 30 minutes a day using the available free tools. I can also teach you how to blog effectively on WordPress, which is an essential task to get Google to notice you and drive traffic to your website.

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