10 Twitter No-Nos

After regularly participating on Twitter for the 5 past years, I’ve gathered this list of my Twitter pet peeves and things that are basic no-nos on Twitter.

  1. Not Tweeting – Ya gotta tweet! How do you expect to get followers if you don’t share anything? When I get a new follower, I thank them and go check out their profile and what they tweet about. If they don’t tweet, I don’t follow. Simple.
  2. Twitter EggEggs – Are you a real person? Then upload a picture. If you’re a business, upload a logo. It’s your brand and image! There are way too many eggs on Twitter!
  3. No Bios – Who are you? What do you tweet about? Twitter gives you 160 characters to describe yourself. You don’t your life story, just who you are & why you’re there.
  4. Over-Tweeting – just as bad as not tweeting is over-tweeting or automating everything. Seeing more than 3 tweets in a row from someone makes me wonder about them. Use the scheduling tool in TweetDeck or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets to post with enough time in between them. Twitter is on 24/7 and that way your tweets can be on when you’re not.
  5. Not leaving Re-Tweet (RT) room – I will RT when I agree with a statement, but I don’t want to spend time editing the tweet so it will fit in 140 characters. Getting your tweets ReTweeted is a good way to grow your following and improve your social media brand, but you have to leave at least 15 characters open so that RT @username will fit in the beginning of the RT.10 Twitter No-Nos
  6. Foul Language – I will unfollow someone in 2 clicks the moment I see foul language.
  7. Insulting folks who unfollow you – just like you don’t like everyone you meet and everyone you meet won’t like you, not everyone will like what you tweet. It’s not a crime to unfollow someone.
  8. Bragging about how many followers you have – followers don’t equal sales. Unless you have the proper marketing, follow-up & sales channels set-up your “followers” will fall into the black hole. Using social media to attract people to your site, product or service is just part of the marketing mix.
  9. Ignoring new followers – A simple “welcome new followers” tweet is a sign that you want to start a relationship with your followers. That’s what it’s all about. Don’t Direct Message (DM) them – especially automated DMs. You’re a person, they’re a person – relationship happen between people not robots.
  10. Tweeting only about your product or service – It’s not about you, it’s not about your product or service. It’s about what you have to offer your followers. Share information, stories, advice and it doesn’t always have to sell something.