Top Social Media Marketing Trends You Need in 2020

It’s December and all the “predictions” for 2020 marketing trends are coming out. I rather not use that term as no one really has a crystal ball to accurately predict what is going to be the latest, hottest, most popular marketing trend.

Video, Video and More Video!

  • IGTV — Instagram TV — Instagram’s video channel will increase in popularity.
  • Time to try TikTok to reach younger audiences under 35 — especially Gen Z.
  • YouTube made a lot of changes this year to their platform allowing you to add more call-to-action links in and at the end of your videos.
  • Facebook Watch has taken off even better than they predicted.
  • LinkedIn is giving more visibility to videos posted not just on your personal profile, but on your business profile, too.
  • KISS! Keep It Stupid Simple – quick-tip videos
  • The shorter and sweeter, the better. You have 2 seconds to catch someone’s attention these days. Some videos you’ll think out and some can be spontaneous and casual.

Don’t Overthink your Videos!

Yes, they need to look good, but you don’t always need professional video equipment to create a video. Doing some spontaneous, causal videos — especially during business down-times — can be very beneficial. Sure, you should have at least one or two professionally done commercials — one for your website and another for your YouTube Channel.

One thing to remember, all these networks are competing against each other for users. Users will try them all — have a presence in more than one — but they will favor one over an other. That’s why doing your target market research is important so you don’t waste time and energy where your target market isn’t.

Analytics play an important part. It’s crucial that you have them set up and pull end-of-month reports — just like you do for your finances — to see which of your marketing efforts are working or not working.

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Another form of digital content is podcasting. If you can talk, you can have a podcast. Moreover, you can even make some money through advertising on your podcast. Personally, I’m going to try It’s free to use and you can monetize your podcast!

32% of Americans now listen to a podcast.

Small Business Trends

Social Media Networks


Twitter is the place to go when you want to know what’s going on in real time. With the 2020 elections looming, look for a lot of action on Twitter as well as the other networks — but Twitter especially.

To utilize Twitter properly, you need to build a following. I can show you how to do that in a 1:1 training session. Click here for more info…

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If you’re trying to reach consumers — and even some B2B businesses also — Instagram is still hot. Here are some great tips to help you take advantage of Instagram stories.

SEO and Blogging

AI – Artificial Intelligence usage will increase. The search engines will get smarter. Voice search should surpass 50% of all searches in 2020. Google still owns search.

Google SEO

10 Essential Steps to Good SEO and Blogging

  1. Research and understand your target market’s keyword intent — figure out what they’re going to enter into the search box when they’re looking for what you have to offer.
  2. Don’t beat around the bush when composing blog articles. Get to the point.
  3. Don’t stuff keywords. This is an old black-hat tactic that some people are still using and it hurts you rather than help.
  4. Talk to your audience in their language. You’re the expert, not them. Write as if you were writing for an 11-year-old. The Yoast SEO plugin has a readability feature that helps you with this.
  5. Compose for the featured snippet. The Yoast SEO plugin helps with this too. Put the main topic or question in an H2 subheading and then answer the question in a paragraph immediately below it.
  6. Write enticing headlines. I use Co-schedule Headline Analyzer to try and come up with a headline that will stand out and catch peoples’ attention.
  7. Make sure your meta tags are optimized for both pages and posts. The Yoast SEO plugin will help you with that too!
  8. Think of other ways to say the same thing. A webpage can rank for more than one keyword or phrase. That’s why running a Keyword search on the Google Keyword Planner helps even when you’re writing one blog post.
  9. Voice Search – you can’t ignore it!
  10. Make sure your content is fresh! Google will still pull the most recent AND relevant content that matches the search query. You HAVE to blog!
Learn to Blog on WordPress Gutenberg

Fancier Technology

You don’t have to be very techie to know that big companies are using fancy technology to better reach you with their offers — even customized one.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever noticed that you’ll be talking about something casually with family or friends — not even on the phone — and the next time you’re online you start seeing ads for that item? Yep, that’s AI – Artificial Intelligence. It’s creepy and you may think it an invasion of privacy, however, that’s where the world is going. If your smartphone, smart TV or tablet is on, someone is listening. And don’t forget your FitBit (now owned by Google), iWatch and/or home assistant (Alexa, Google, etc.)

How can you use it for your business? That’s where paid advertising comes in with what’s called Smart Targeting.

Paid Advertising

If you have the budget, it works if you plan it out correctly…

  • What’s your budget?
  • What’s your specific a specific objective — plan it out?
  • Who is your target audience and what’s the best way to reach them?

If you just go willy-nilly and pay for an ad on Facebook or Google without thinking it out, you’ll probably be wasting your money and you won’t get the results you want.

Mobile vs Desktop

mobile vs desktop

Against past predictions that desktop searching was dying — nope, not yet. Google’s Page Speed Test looks at the mobile version of your website first and uses how fast your site loads on a mobile device to judge it. However, you have to look at your analytics to see how many of your visitors are using mobile vs. desktop. If your audience skews older, they probably use desktop over mobile. Sometimes you THINK you know your audience, but only your analytics will tell you for sure.

If you’re not sure how your website holds up, I’ll be happy to do a free SEO and speed loading test. Click here to schedule a free review and 15-minute phone consult.

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Influencer Marketing

If you have the budget, you should go for Influencer Marketing. Fivver just launched an Influencer Store where you can find and hire influencers depending on what you have to sell and who you’re trying to reach. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat — reaching the millennials and younger — are popular platforms to use with influencers.

Marketing Trends

More Digital Marketing Trends…

There’s so much more information out there on what’s going to be hot in 2020! Here are some of the digital marketing experts that I follow and their 2020 predictions/trends…

What You Need to Do…

In conclusion, you can’t just set stuff up and sit back and hope and pray that customers come flowing to your website or business. Yes, most of today’s digital marketing trends, platforms and tools are free to use (to a point), but you still have to put in some SWEAT EQUITY. Whether it’s your sweat equity or an employee’s, that’s up to you.

Unless your business is doing SOOOO WELL that you don’t need to find new customers, you need Marketing.

content marketing

For today’s marketing trends you need CONTENT. What that content is depends on your business, your target market, your abilities, your talents, and your resources.

Again, the content can be written blogs, videos, podcasts, pictures and/or graphics.

You may have to consider outsourcing, if you have the budget. Can you do it yourself? Do you have the time to do it yourself? How much is your time worth?

Not sure what to do?

Let’s schedule a free 15-minute phone consult! I’ll review your current marketing efforts, check your website’s loading speed and SEO and guide you in the right direction.

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One Last Parting Thought…

I’m seeing “Marketing in 2030” articles! How in the world can anybody predict what’s going to happen 10 years from now. It’s impossible! Seriously! Think back at 10 years ago — 2010 — could you have imagined even today’s cell phones back then?

Change is the law of life

My advice is to take one day at a time and be prepared for change. You don’t have to be on every single platform out there!

  • Concentrate on the networks your target audience is using
  • Focus on the ones that are driving traffic to your website. (Make sure you’ve got analytics set up.)
  • Spend actual time on the social media networks where you’re building valuable relationships.

I wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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Top Social Media Marketing Trends You Need in 2020

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