5 Growth-Hacking Tips to Drive People to Your Website [Infographic]

Growth Hacking by @BillRiceA new buzz phrase in the business world is “growth-hacking”. It’s the strategies that tech start-ups used early in the launching of their businesses to grow their user base. You might think that strategies used by heavy-hitters like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram couldn’t be applied to your small business, but think again. See how they did it and then look at the take-aways in the infographic from WebPowerUp.com:

How to Drive People to Your Website

  1. Surround yourself with key people that believe in your product and have the skills that compliment both production and marketing. If you’re a solopreneuer, this means connecting with these key people either online or at live local networking events.
  2. KISS – Keep it Simple Sweetie! Make your site easy to access and use. Don’t make them think! Find the “Aha” moment and discover what resonates with your customers to get them to keep coming back. Keep feeding them what they like.
  3. Don’t compete, cooperate. Enhance your client’s experience by working with other companies. The more friends like strategic partners, advocates and referral sources talk about what you do, the more you will reach the right connections to help you grow.
  4. Don’t fear an industry with clear market leaders. If you make a better product and market it smartly, people will want it. Always know what makes you different, better and unique from the other guys.
  5. Find your niche – pick a target audience then get friends to help you grow. Strive for high quality so that you become a sought-after commodity and grow through references.

How to drive people to your websiteLearning to use the social media networks properly will help you with growth hacking. It may seem overwhelming, but with the right instruction, you, too can leverage the power of these networks and see results with a little effort.

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