5 Types of Twitter Users – Which are you?

11 Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers & Get Noticed

There are still a lot of folks out there who don’t “get” Twitter. Twitter is where people go to find out what’s going on right now. It’s where people get information. Twitter users have varying reasons for being on Twitter.

Here I explain the difference of the 5 main Twitter users…

It’s based on the follower to following ratio – how many people are following them compared to how many people they are following.

Newsmakers – they have way more followers than then number of people they follow. These are organizations like newspapers, magazines, TV shows, celebrities. They make the news and people follow them to get the news.

Forbes on Twitter - a newsmaker

Information Gatherers – these folks are following a lot of people, they post very few original posts and don’t have many followers. These could be researchers, reporters.Twitter users: information gatherer.

Relationship Builders – these are on Twitter to make friends. They have an fairly even number of followers and following. They tweet often and people follow them because they like what they are tweeting about. These folks also care about their followers – thanking them for retweeting and mentioning them.Twitter Users: Relationship Builder

Newbies – everyone has to start somewhere! To grow a following you need to tweet good content and follow the people you want following you. Take a look at who’s following your competition or related businesses and follow them. When you follow someone, they are notified and they can then choose if they want to follow you back or not. Your first benchmark goal is 100 followers in 30 days. Once you pass the 100 mark, people will see that you’re credible and tweeting regularly and your following will grow as long as you keep feeding them what they want.Twitter Users - Newbie, but he's getting there.

To grow your following, your profile page has to be set-up correctly with:

  • Good, quality graphics – it’s your online image – make it look good.
    • Your logo in 400 x 400 pixels – a square – do not upload a rectangular logo into the square – it will get cut off!
    • Your cover graphic – 1500 x 500 pixels. Create a graphic that size. Do not take a smaller graphic and resize it to fit. It will look fuzzy.
  • A complete, keyword-centric bio. You have 160 characters to describe what you do – take advantage of this. It gives you credibility. Use hashtags on the major keywords.
  • Your website link – this helps with SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Your name or your company name – however you wish to be known as.

Eventually, a Newbie will become a Relationship Builder and may eventually graduate to a Newsmaker.

Spammers, jerks, trolls and fake accounts – Unfortunately, like in every community, there are nasty, stupid people. Twitter tries hard to eliminate these, but it’s up to the real users to police them, report them as spammers and/or block them. This looks like a Twitter fake account.

How can you tell if it’s a fake account? Look at the follower to following ratio as compared to the number of tweets. Is it off? Another way is their username/handle – it’s a bunch of random letters numbers or words that make no sense. They have a egg as their picture or logo (that’s why it’s important to upload a picture as soon as possible.)

Spammers will follow you to get noticed and to get you to buy something. They try to sell you the “magic pill” that will grow your following into the thousands. Hint: those are fake followers and are NOT your target market!

The way to build a following is organically, as outlined above. It takes time and sweat equity, but it’s worth it.

So which Twitter user are you? Tweet me your response!

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