6 More LinkedIn Reputation Killers

My post on Greater Phoenix SCORE’s blog, 11 LinkedIn Reputation Killers is THE most popular post on their whole blog. Why, because it is an eye opener to the power of LinkedIn and why it is so important and that it is your online reputation!

Today I was looking for WordPress site designers to help with a client’s rather complex site. I know a few, but when I go to their sites, they are not very impressive. So I searched on LinkedIn. Why? It’s my virtual Rolodex! I entered “WordPress” in the search box then narrowed down the search to only my first connections – the direct ones.

In the contact area I expect to see links to their sites, as well as an email address and/or phone. The last thing I expected were links to sites that no longer exist or no links at all. At that point, I go to the next person on the list.



Here are a few more LinkedIn Reputation Killers:

  1. Not having a link to your website
    1. The link must go to your current website and the website should work properly and showcase what you do.
    2. The link helps with search engine optimization (SEO).
    3. It helps promote your business.
  2. No business email address
    1. Unless you’re looking for work, the email address should be your work email.
    2. If you are job searching, make sure your email is not a funny or cute name. Keep it professional.
  3. No phone number
    1. If you are in business for yourself, you need to make it easy for people to contact you! There are still many folks out there who prefer to call rather than email.
    2. It’s easier to call you from a mobile phone. More and more people access LinkedIn via the mobile app. If your phone number is there, all they have to do is touch it to call you.
  4. No link to Twitter – you’re missing a huge marketing tool if you’re not on Twitter and if you don’t have your Twitter account linked to your LinkedIn Profile.
  5. No link to your blog – again you’re missing the biggest online marketing tool if you’re not using a blog to show off your expertise.
  6. Having multiple links to wrong sites – one person has 2 links to her one Twitter account. Another has a link to a site that either no longer exists or hasn’t yet been built.

Having an incomplete social media profile or page is like having a sloppy lobby!

You only have a few seconds to impress someone into thinking about hiring you. If you impress them at first glance, they’ll look deeper into what you have to offer. You can’t convert them into a sale if you turn them off at first glance.

Believe me, now with the Internet accessible from anywhere, people will research people and companies they would like to do business with thoroughly.

I have a very meticulous client and I wanted to recommend some WordPress experts to help with a rather complex site. Out of 181 that came up in my search, I found 3 after looking through the first 3 pages of the search results, checking the sites and their portfolios. I passed on 22 people!

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Giselle Aguiar

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