7 Features of a Viral Video

What’s the secret to creating a viral video?

 7 Features of a Viral Video Is it a fluke? Or can a video be made to be so popular that everyone that views it wants to share it? Both.

Sometimes something that starts simply can turn into something viral. Like the ALS Bucket Challenge. No one planned it. It just happened.

Others take a bit more creativity and cleverness.

One more thing – viral videos are easier for a B2C business than a B2B business. When you’re selling a product or service to consumers, you can get a little more daring and risky. Not so much on the B2B side. That doesn’t mean a B2B video can’t go viral — just don’t expect it to. 

Here are the main features of a Viral Video:

  1. Make it short – Under 3 minutes
  2. Plan to release it early in the week – you’ll have less competition than on the weekends.
  3. Understand emotions – you want people not to just LIKE your video but to SHARE it with their friends. There are 3 types of emotions:
    1. Awe – cuteness, tug at the heart strings
    2. Amusement – humor, funny, crazy, hilarious, a parody
    3. Anger – it makes you mad enough to do something
  4. Market it – you need to plan how you’re going to promote it – Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Cut a 6 sec excerpt for Instagram
  5. Do something controversial
  6. Make other people look good
  7. Think like a reporter – be objective. If you were covering a news story, how would you feature it?

This week, expect all the Super Bowl ads to go viral. Here are a few of the early ones…. some have more views than others – you can see why…..







But I don’t have a budget for a whole production team!

Of course you don’t. And you don’t need one. You can be clever and creative with your cell phone. We’ve got a class! Check out the line-up!


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