The Pinterest Difference

The three most misunderstood social media networks are Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. In my video, Understanding the Social Media Networks, I liken the social networks to cars. Twitter is like a sports car – fast, newsy, it’s life in a 140 characters or less. Google+, because it’s Google’s social network, it’s the pick-up truck –… Read more The Pinterest Difference

Blogging 3x a week increases website traffic – here’s proof

Blogging helps get you noticed as an expert in your field. The more often you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website.

How & What Should I Post in Social Media?

You’ve done your research. You’ve determined who your target market is and which social networks they use most often. Now you need to get your social media strategy going.

Social Media and Your Online Reputation

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Recently, a gal who’s currently a job-seeker, Googled her name and a sad story of a little girl that was kidnapped in Europe came up. Same name, different person. She asked me, “What can I do about it?” Not easy. It’ll take a little work. If the… Read more Social Media and Your Online Reputation

Pinterest Business Analytics to Get Inside the Mind of Your Followers

Pinterest for Exposure and SEO

Pinterest has becoming more advertiser-friendly with their “promoted pins”. They’ve added business analytics for business sites. This does not work on personal sites! To set-up a business account or convert your personal account into a business one, visit Similar to Facebook insights, they’ll tell you the demographics of your fans: gender, location, language and… Read more Pinterest Business Analytics to Get Inside the Mind of Your Followers