The Best Social Media Marketing News for Nov. 9, 2018

Veterans Thank You

veterans thanksThis is Veterans Small Business Week and I had the honor of compiling a salute to the Veterans who also serve at Greater Phoenix SCORE as business mentors. After working with SCORE as a volunteer instructor and also having them as a client for over 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with most of the gentlemen listed in this piece. If you’re a Veteran, there are many resources available including the SBA, the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce and this list. Thank you for your service!

It’s November and if you have an eCommerce business and don’t have your holiday act together, you better jump on it now! Get Read for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday! They’ll both be trending on social media! Schedule out tweets with TweetDeck.

Are you getting conversions (sales/leads)? It could be your landing page. Here’s what makes a good landing page and here’s a set of tweaks for those important landing pages in your promotions.

AnalyticsOne thing that’s crucial for your website is analytics. You need to keep track on who is visiting your website, what pages they visit and where are they coming from. That’s the main way you know what’s working and not working. Analytics need to be set up when you build your website. I recommend WordPress. It’s easy to learn how to use, the most popular website platform and you can easily find someone who knows how to fix it. Here’s how to set up Google Analytics on a WordPress website.

A big part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the Bounce Rate. That’s a measurement, from Google Analytics, of people who land on your one of your website’s pages and then leaves right away because they don’t find what they’re looking for or the site takes to long to load. You want a bounce rate of under 50%. Here are some tips to reduce your bounce rate.

cyber crimeSecurity is a big issue in today’s day and age. The problem is that as soon as the good guys build bigger walls, the bad guys (hackers) build bigger cannons. Security updates are crucial and you have to make sure your website’s updates are current.

WordPress websites work with a system called PHP. The older your website is, the older your PHP system is and the more vulnerable it is to hackers.

You need to check with your webmaster or hosting company to see if your website has the latest one. If you need a new website, let me know as I have several web designers that I work with.

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