The Best, Important, Helpful Social Media News and Tips: July Recap

Social Media News You can Use!

Besides Facebook and Twitter, there’s a bevy of other important social media news that you need to know about. I’m throwing in some great tips and advice — those articles that I find that I couldn’t have written it better myself.

WordPress 2018 Update:

Gutenberg printing pressOn the top of the list is an upcoming, major WordPress update called “Gutenberg. Yes, it’s named after the inventor of the printing press. This is a developing story. I’m working with my web guy, Kerry Townsend of SonFisher Web Studios and resident WordPress expert to understand what this update means, what it involves and how it will affect all WordPress sites in the very near future. Watch for more information. And, yes, I’ll be offering 1:1 training as it will be changing how to you blog and create pages. It’s supposed to make things easier and add more cool features, so don’t panic.

Google, Google My Business and Google Ads

Of course Google is at it again. They’ve rebranded and changed Google Ads, their Keyword Research Tool, Search Console, Maps, snippets among other things.

Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Content Marketing


YouTube has been playing catch-up when it comes to live streaming. Another thing they’ve lagged behind in is the use of hashtags. No more! YouTube now displays hashtags on videos that can help users search for and discover other videos about the same topics.

General Social Media Marketing Tips

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