Blogging 3x a week increases website traffic – here’s proof

Blogging only once a week is not enough!

Here’s proof...

One of my first clients, was a gentleman who had a website encouraging trade between the U.S. and Africa. The objective was to attract visitors to eventually sell advertising. Time-wise, I was able to do just one article per week.

However, it was taking me hours to research articles — like a reporter — then compose a decent, thought-provoking blog post. Way too long.

I decided to try a different strategy — embedding videos. I searched YouTube and started finding newsworthy videos, embedding them into a post. Then I wrote a short summary of the video’s content — including keywords. Wow! It now took me 20 minutes to do what used to take me at least 2 hours!

So, I started posting these videos 3 times a week. At the end of June when I reviewed the monthly stats to present to the client, I was surprised at the results. There was a remarkable increase in page views!

Page views went from about 450 in May to over 1000 in June! Proof that blogging 3x a week is crucial.

Blogging 3x a week is crucial.
The more you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website

Then it built momentum! We managed to stay at around 1500 page views a month!

Blogging Increases Conversions!

These stats from Hubspot should also help to convince you.

Blog post frequency vs customer acquisition. Source: Hubspot
The more often you blog, the greater the customer acquisition! Source: Hubspot

Blogging Helps with SEO!

If you have a brand new website or have not blogged for a while, Google probably forgot about you. What do you do?

Blog, blog and blog some more! To get Google to notice you, publish articles 3-5 times a week for 2 weeks. Then go down to 3 a week for the rest of the month. Look at your analytics. Has your traffic increased? Has your bounce rate gone down? Are visitors staying longer on your site because there’s more to read?

Furthermore, share each and every blog post on your social media and pin them to Pinterest. This becomes your content marketing strategy.

But I’m not a good writer!

Some people are better talkers than they are writers. In that case, do videos or podcasts and embed them in your blog. Write a script and that can be the text of your blog. Google doesn’t see the video. It just indexes text and links. That’s why you must have some text in the article — an introduction, then a summary with relevant keywords.

It helps, also, to…

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Blogging 3x a week increases website traffic – here’s proof
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