Capturing Leads that will Convert with the Right Calls to Action

Capturing Leads with the Right Calls-to-action

Having a nice website and blogging regularly will drive people to your site, but how are you capturing leads? You need to turn visitors in to leads and leads into sales. It takes the right call-to-action.

In this Wednesday’s with the Wiz episode on Facebook Live, I talk about Capturing Leads with the Right Calls-to-Action.

  1. Know your target market well. What are their pain points? What are their problems that you’re going to solve?
  2. Have an enticing give-away. What would your target want or need so much that they’ll give you their name and email address? Ask them no more that 2 questions on the form.
  3. Follow up with a personalized email based on their answer. That’s marketing automation – guide them through your buying process.

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Note: I’m no longer doing Wednesdays with the Wiz. If you have a question, please contact me directly.

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