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Why Social Media is Important for Customer Service

Why Social Media is Important for Customer Service

It’s unfortunate that many business owners are ignoring social media — especially Facebook and Twitter — and especially when it comes to customer service. One of my clients opened a “rage room” in Tempe. Back when he first opened, someone

Why You Need to Be On Pinterest for Exposure and SEO

Pinterest for Exposure and SEO

There are a lot of stressed-out people on Pinterest. How do I know that? I wrote a blog post for one of my clients, Simply Smashing Rage Room (opened in Nov. 2017, in Tempe, BTW) titled, How To Increase the

How to take Advantage of what’s Trending on Twitter

Does the ratio of Twitter followers to following matter?

Yeah, some people may “hate Twitter”, but it is a great tool to get exposure. People hate Twitter because they don’t understand Twitter. Twitter is like a never-ending news ticker. It’s what happening right now in real-time. At any given

24 Foolish LinkedIn Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

LinkedIn missing photo

Google considers LinkedIn one of the top referral sites for information on professional people. If someone googles your name, more than likely your LinkedIn profile will come up in the first few of the Google search engine results. That’s where

12 Pinterest Mistakes You Need to Correct for Exposure

AZ Social Media Wiz on Pinterest

You can’t afford to be making Pinterest mistakes! It’s where 320 million people go to plan, find things they need, and bookmark pictures and videos they want to save for later. Unfortunately, many small business owners are making these and

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