How to hold a Twitter Chat with a #Hashtag

Twitter is a real-time marketing tool. Understanding this is key in learning how to use it effectively to promote your business. You have to realize that it’s not about self-promotion, but offering information that is of interest to your target market. Twitter is great for: Driving traffic to your website Getting brand exposure Establishing you… Read more How to hold a Twitter Chat with a #Hashtag

Video Becoming more Important for Twitter

Video is hot and Twitter is not getting left behind. Twitter competes directly with Facebook and since Facebook has embraced videos, Twitter could not be far behind. However, it’s only on their mobile app. In this video, Jay Baer explains how you can take advantage. Yes! Longer videos – more than just a few seconds.… Read more Video Becoming more Important for Twitter

How & What Should I Post in Social Media?

You’ve done your research. You’ve determined who your target market is and which social networks they use most often. Now you need to get your social media strategy going.

Buying Twitter Followers gets you Nowhere

Buying Twitter followers is the lazy way to get followers and the wrong way. They aren’t true followers.

10 Twitter No-Nos

After regularly participating on Twitter for the past year, I’ve gathered this list of my Twitter pet peeves and things that are basic no-nos on Twitter.