How the Right Copywriting on Your Website & Social Media Can Improve Results

website copywriting is important for results

It’s extremely frustrating when you have what you think is a great website, yet you’re not getting conversions. That is, visitors aren’t staying, they aren’t clicking on your offer, they aren’t buying. Whatever you’re doing to attract and drive visitors

How to Build Trust and Credibility with the Right About Page

about pages

What does your About Page say about you? Not just your company, but you and your team (if you have one). The “About Us” or “About the Company” page is there so a visitor can see who is behind the

Free WordPress Plugins to Save Time and Simplify Life

Free WordPress plugins that save time & simplify life

WordPress is one of the most popular website and blogging platforms. This article explains why I prefer WordPress. One of the reasons is the availability of thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins. What is a Plugin? Plugins are add-ons

12 Website Mistakes You Need to Fix for Success

12 Website Mistakes You Need to Fix for 2017 Success

“My online marketing isn’t working! I have a website, but I’m not getting any sales (or generating any leads)! What am I doing wrong? I need to drive traffic to my website!” I hear this all the time. As a

How to get SEO for a new Website or a Neglected One?

Secrets to great SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – everyone with a website wants it. Yet, it can sometimes be elusive if not done properly. Now, I am assuming that you have a finished website optimized for the search engine properly by a webmaster

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