Meet Clubhouse: the Cool New Social Media App that Prioritizes Talk Over Content

Out of all the new social media networks and apps that offer alternatives to Facebook and Twitter, etc., Clubhouse has to be the most promising for small business owners to get exposure, gain credibility, and build a brand — especially your personal brand. It’s called “Social Audio”. That means it’s audio only — no messaging and no video. It does connect to Twitter and/or Instagram and you can message people there.

Joining Clubhouse

First off, you join as yourself and with your cell phone number. By the way, it’s only available to iPhone and iPad users. No hiding here. Complete and total transparency. You must upload a picture and create a bio. Your bio’s first line is the most important. Make sure it says who you are in a few words. Based on that, people will follow you.

Right now, it’s by invitation only, but you can get on and reserve your username. I downloaded the app and reserved my name. Then I went on Twitter and tagged them asking if any of my “tweeps” had an invite for me. About an hour later, I get a text message from Brian Fanzo. The name didn’t ring a bell, until this morning when I was listening to the Social Pros Podcast and he was on with Jay Baer talking about Clubhouse. The text message said that I was moved to the front of the wait-list and my Clubhouse account was ready and it included a link.

Before long I was browsing through rooms and clubs and events. I came across one for newbies. You’re a “newbie” for 7 days. The moderator of the room and a few other speakers were explaining the features of the app — what you can and can’t do as well as starting your room, following people, exploring, and participating. There’s a room or a club for just about every topic you can imagine. Moreover, if you don’t see the topic you want, you can start a group of your own.

Here is the video by Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner, one of my go-to sources for the latest social media news…

The Ultimate Guide to Clubhouse

It allows “lean-in” and “lean-back” listening.

Brian Fanzo on the Social Pros Podcast

What Makes Clubhouse Different


Sure you can network on LinkedIn and Facebook groups, but they are passive. You post stuff and hope that members of the group see it. Likewise, you can chat with people on Messenger and other apps, but it’s hard to have more than one person involved. What makes Clubhouse different is that you are live-talking with people in real time.

What’s really cool, is that you could be in a room listening to CEOs talk about business and Elon Musk pops in and the moderator of the group invites him “on stage”. You, in the audience, can “raise your hand” and ask Elon a question. Yes, it’s that personal. It’s that cool.

Now, it is time consuming. Nevertheless, like Brain Fanzo said in the podcast, “It’s replaced Netflix for me.”

Don’t be surprised to see similar voice-only platforms and features adapted into Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook down the line. I can even foresee someone like Microsoft, who owns LinkedIn, buying or merging with Clubhouse in the future.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the app now and set up your username. What are you waiting for?

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Meet Clubhouse: the Cool New Social Media App that Prioritizes Talk Over Content
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