Cool New Twitter Tool to Save Time & Get Extra Exposure

Tweet Jukebox LogoTweets appear in Google search. Twitter is on 24/7. People get are on Twitter at different times of the day. That’s why scheduling tweets to post in the future is a good practice.

In the past, I’ve used TweetDeck, which is owned by Twitter, to monitor and schedule out tweets. However, you have to manually reschedule the tweets. If you have tips or messages that you send out regularly, it’s a pain and time consuming.


It’s the greatest thing in social media since sliced bread. You create a bunch of tweets – like 50, upload them to Tweet Jukebox, set them to send at any given time frame, like every hour, and Tweet Jukebox will automatically re-post all the tweets in order. Tweet Jukebox - cool tool to schedule tweets

I uploaded about 50 tweets – a mix of tips with no links, tweets with links to my blog posts and every so often a direct sales pitch tweet.

November 1, they are introducing a paid, upgraded version. So here’s what you get:

Tweet Jukebox plans

If you manage more than one Twitter account, you might want to upgrade.

No other tool that I know of does the rescheduling automatically. If you want to stay free, you can edit the tweets that you have, deleting them and adding new ones.

Basically, the more you tweet, the more exposure you’re going to get and the more it will help you get on the first page of Google search!

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