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Dgitial Marketing News

Google PlusWell, Google+ died a quiet death on April 2, 2019, without any fanfare or trending on Twitter. I think nobody noticed. What you need to do if you still have a G+ icon, widget or link on your website is remove it. Having bad links on your site doesn’t help SEO.

For brick-and-mortar businesses with an actual location you want customers to visit, you must be on Google My Business (GMB) and make sure all the information is correct, updated and that you’re posting at least weekly! GMB is connected to Google Maps. And it offers a lot of benefits for your businesses including a new feature that connects a retailer’s online catalog to Google Maps.

If you’re strictly an ecommerce site or a home-based business, they make sure your LinkedIn company profile and Facebook business page are updated, branded properly and that you’re taking advantage of all the space they give you to promote your business in the about sections. As for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, they are powerful for building a following. Optimizing your social profiles for both Google search and the networks’ internal search engines with the proper keywords is crucial, also.

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