Digital Marketing News You Can Use for April 26, 2019

Digital Marketing News

People keep asking me over at Quora, “What new social media network will take over?” Gee, if I knew that, I’d be rich! But perusing this week’s digital marketing news, I found this interesting piece… What were the social networks that DIDN’T make it? The ones that failed? The latest one to bite the dust is Google+. But did you know that Google tried 2 other times to come up with a competitor to Facebook? The most legendary Epic Fail was MySpace. But there were a lot more who tried and just couldn’t cut it. Read about them here.

This Week’s Digital Marketing News:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Facebook:Facebook mobile


Free 15 minute phone consultTwitter:

  • New Pew Research looks at key usage traits on Twitter
  • Twitter has a new layout on desktop! I like it! (Funny, just when I’m getting ready to do a 1:1 training session, I pop on over to Twitter and behold! A totally new layout. They’ve done it to me before.) Now you get thumbnails in trends if there is a picture with the main trending tweet. Click on the # in the top bar and you’ll go to everything that’s trending right now.

New Twitter Desktop Layout

Twitter Profiles look a bit different too…

New Twitter Profile Layout

General Online & Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Social Media News Items:

This week’s Infographic totally blew my mind! The Heading caught my eye: Most Popular Social Media Apps by State. 

So I’m thinking for Arizona, it would be LinkedIn or Instagram. First, LinkedIn was left out for whatever reason. Maybe because LI more B2B than B2C. So for B2C businesses, trying to reach the consumer, this is really interesting… However, AZ, disappointed me. Snapchat? Really?

Most popular social media app by state in the U.S.

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