Digital Marketing News You Can Use – February Recap

Digital Marketing News February 2019 Recap

Here we are the end of the second month of 2019 and this year so far has not disappointed with more changes, new features and more tips in social media, SEO, content and digital marketing news.

I’ve gone through hundreds of articles from the top expert sources and have weeded out the news and tips that I feel you need to know to make your digital marketing more effective.

Here’s a recap of Digital Marketing News from February 2019:


This was an eye-opening piece from HubSpot on how to overcome the Facebook algorithm change that reduces the visibility of posts from your Facebook business page.

Now, brands that only use Facebook as an amplifying channel for their websites, or blog, are going to suffer the most from the algorithm changes.
To succeed on Facebook, we began thinking of Facebook as a publishing channel. This fundamentally meant creating quality content to be consumed directly on Facebook — no links…. You grow your brand awareness, and grow your reach. People may not be on your website, but they are still seeing your content and your brand, so when they are ready to buy or need something from you, they will remember you. You will be top of mind. ~ HubSpot, How we grew our organic reach on Facebook.

Wow! They also went on to say that they increased their Facebook video production from 10% to 50%. So, are you going to copy articles from your website instead of just sharing a link? Or are you going to create exclusive content for Facebook? I say it depends on your audience. Get to know them by getting your Free Define Your Target Market Workbook here, then scheduling a coaching session to discuss the best ways to reach them.

More Facebook News:

LinkedIn Live Video & More:

LinkedInI’m impressed with most of the improvements LinkedIn has made since Microsoft bought it. They’ve improved their advertising, groups, company profile pages and other sections. If you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn should be your primary network.

I said it at my last Social Media Basics class at Greater Phoenix SCORE: LinkedIn will be coming up with Live video soon. Well it’s here. Almost. It’s still in beta development and only select broadcasters can use the new feature.

Visual Marketing on YouTube and Instagram:

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Google and SEO:

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