The Best Digital Marketing News You can Use March 7, 2019

Dgitial Marketing News

Digital MarketingDigital Marketing is constantly changing. Besides new features being added and old features being eliminated, you could spend hours weeding through blogs and articles without know what applies to your business and what you really need to know. What I do with these “best news” articles is to do the weeding for you. Sometimes an article that seems interesting turns out to be too techie for the average person. Those, I don’t bother sharing.

What I do share are articles that I feel you should read just to keep yourself abreast of changes that apply to your digital marketing efforts.


I wWebsite buildingas asked yesterday why Greater Phoenix SCORE doesn’t offer classes on how to build your own website. I told him that building a website is way more technically complex than people make it out to be. Besides design (branding, color scheme, templates and themes) and content (about us, blog, services, landing pages, etc.) you have to consider security, backups, functionality (lead generation and capture), mobile speed and mobile responsiveness). Ignoring any of these factors can mean the difference from people leaving your site in seconds or converting a visitor into a lead or sale — and that’s why you’re doing all this, right?

I truly do not recommend trying to build your own website. Sure there are several platforms out there where you can go the DIY route, but your forego something very important: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They say that yes, you have SEO, however, those sites — purely because of their structure that makes it easy to use — hinders SEO so your site is never really “optimized”.

WordPressThe best and most highly recommended platform for a website is WordPress. If you need to start for free, start at When you’re ready to move to a hosted WordPress site, it’s easy to export your content to the new site. If you do feel brave enough to attempt a WordPress installation, this is a nice step-by-step guide. If you’d like to learn how to blog effectively on a WordPress site, schedule a 1:1 training session.

An important feature that affects your website’s security is the SSL certificate. This is done at the hosting level so in your web address you see https:// rather than http://. Google’s Chrome browser, which is used by over 60% of all Internet users, may block your site or at least show “Not Secure” in the address bar. That’s a sure-fire way to have a potential customer flee your site. Many hosting providers will charge to set up the SSL certificate, but here’s a way, with a free WordPress plugin, to get that https://. (One of the reasons I like WP so much is all the free plugins that are available for lots of time-saving and security functions.


Part of doing digital marketing is analytics. You HAVE TO review your analytics and insights at the end of each month to see what’s working and not working, how many people visited your site and where they came from. But, if you’re like me, your eyes start glazing over and everything is fuzzy when you think about data, charts and graphs.

Here’s an article that puts it all in simple steps and terms.

Social Media:

While the most recent social media research shows a slight uptick in overall usage, the number of Americans using social media has stayed essentially unchanged since 2016. ~ Convince and Convert, 9 Key Discoveries in 2019 Social Media Research

This means that there hasn’t been an increase of new social media users, however, the ones that are on, are using the networks longer — spending more time there.

So, isn’t it time you got your social media act together?

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Maybe you’ve been trying social media posts but haven’t been getting any engagement (likes, shares, comments, clicks). Here are some call-to-action phrases that you can try.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg outlined a new privacy focus for Facebook and it’s family of apps.
  2. Facebook is in the process of merging Messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp.
  3. Facebook cracks down on companies who sell fake likes, followers and accounts. So, if you ever bought like and followers — those are fake accounts — they’re going to go away. That applies to Twitter and Instagram, too. Don’t be surprised when your like and followers decrease all of a sudden. They weren’t doing you any good anyway.
  4. How to Grow a Facebook Group Fast


LinkedInIf you’re going to be on LinkedIn, you need to do it right or not do it at all. Doing it wrong will hurt your online image. Your main account on LI is a your professional profile, not your company’s. Companies have company profile pages. One’s the White Pages, the other is the Yellow Pages. If you try to connect with me and you have your company name on what should be your personal profile, I will set you straight. And PLEASE put a nice professional-looking head shot.

Microsoft bought LI a few years ago and have been making improvements. Here are some news and tips on LinkedIn:

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