Best Digital Marketing News for May 3, 2019

Dgitial Marketing News

This week’s digital marketing news has a lot of updates and tips for video and visual marketing.

goldfishA new study showed that you now have only 2 SECONDS to catch someone’s attention online! Wow! That’s down from 7 seconds (a goldfish has an 8-second attention span)! That’s what makes videos and visuals so important. You need to stand out among all the other content that’s out there.

Think about it. On social media alone, you’re not just competing with your direct industry competitors, but you’re also competing with the kids, grand kids, friends, family, other businesses, celebrities, politicians and other news for the attention of your target market. That’s what makes creating target market personas so important.

Each week I weed through dozens of blog posts and articles from many social media, SEO and marketing sources so you don’t have to! I select the ones that I feel offer the most useful information and are easy to understand for the least techie person.

Here’s what I found this week in digital marketing news:

visual marketingVisuals and Video Marketing:

shopping ecommerceeCommerce:


social media mobile what's trendingGeneral Social Media News and Tips:

This week’s Featured Marketing Infographic

It may look a bit daunting at first, but it really outlines how everything works together to be successful in conversions, lead-generation and nurturing sales.

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