Does the Ratio of Twitter Followers to Following Matter?

Yes, the Ratio of Twitter Followers to Following Matters and here’s why….Does the ratio of Twitter followers and following matter?

There are 5 different types of Twitter users:

  • Newsmakers – more followers than following
  • Information gatherers – following a lot of people, few followers, not tweeting much
  • Relationship builders – even ratio of followers to following
  • Spammers, jerks & nasty folks
  • Newbies – few tweets, more following than followers

A normal progression is to go from newbie to relationship builder and eventually to a newsmaker.

When you look at someone’s Twitter page, it shows the number of tweets, followers and following as well as how many lists they’ve been added to. If you see a thousands of followers and following and only a few tweets, that’s probably a fake account. The balance is not right. The people that create these fake accounts are very clever. They’ll put pictures, give them certain interests and even a location.

To see, click on who’s following them. Yes, anyone can view someone’s followers and who they are following, which is why you need to be a bit selective who you follow. Sorry, but you really can’t do anything about who’s following you. These fake accounts are what they sell you when you take one of those tempting, but totally wrong offers of buying Twitter followers.

Another important factor of Twitter is that tweets come up in Google search page results based on keywords and phrases, which helps tremendously with SEO.

There are many tools to make it easy to post regularly to Twitter.

  1. You need a plan before you start – both strategic and tactical
  2. Have a branding message and goals in mind
  3. Learn how to properly and effectively use both Twitter and the tools. We’ve got the classes! Take them & lean how to:

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