How to Properly and Effectively Market Your Business on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is your virtual Rolodex! It’s networking at the chamber of commerce on steroids. If you’re B2B, LinkedIn should be your primary network. If you’re B2C, it helps with credibility and LinkedIn users are consumers, too! This series of classes includes the new layout, where they moved things around, new features and should you go premium or not.

Marketing Your Business on the New LinkedIn Part 1:


LinkedIn Part 2 – Company pages, groups & more!

A tour of the new LinkedIn:

With LinkedIn’s 2017 platform update, they moved things around, made it easier to connect with people, added new features and took some away. Take this tour so you won’t waste time looking for what you need to do to effectively promote your business with LinkedIn. A must for B2B businesses.

Note: since this video, LinkedIn has made some changes to company pages and groups. They’ll be an update video soon.

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