Fix My RV – An Inbound Marketing Success Story

Fix My RV - success story

Jim  Averyt, owner of Fix My RV, a mobile RV repair service based in Peoria, AZ, attended my social media marketing seminar at the Peoria Chamber of Commerce’s Expo a few years ago. They were in need of some inbound marketing assistance.

When I met with them, I saw that Jim and his wife Barb, had their social media set up and were stuck with how to use it to promote their business. They just needed a plan and some guidance.

I put together strategic and tactical plans for them. Then held a couple of 1-on-1 training sessions. Barb, who has a full-time day job, was going to blog and manage their social media evenings and weekends. (Yes, it can be done!)

I ran into Barb a some time later and when she saw me, she got excited. She couldn’t wait to tell me that Jim was on his way to Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) to fix someone’s RV who was there for NASCAR.

The RV owner, needed a repair and he search on Google and up came Fix My RV on the first page! Now, imagine Jim driving into PIR in his colorful Fix My RV truck!

Barb couldn’t stop raving,

“It really works! I did what she said, and we got on the first page of Google!”

Barb Averyt, Fix My RV

You, too, can have an inbound marketing success story!

Change is tough, get over it!

One of the challenges is that all these online marketing tools keep changing. They add and remove features all the time. What worked last year may not be effective this year. Moreover, your analytics and insights tell you a lot if you know how to interpret them. Is the traffic to your website increasing or decreasing month after month? Are you getting people from one social network over another? Do you need to shift your efforts to the network that’s driving traffic to your website and sending you leads?

“Those who follow instruction prosper.” – King Solomon

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