For Local Businesses Content Marketing helps SEO [Infographic]

Content Marketing is crucial for Local businessesFinding and attracting a local audience takes strategic planning. First you MUST define who your target market niche is — the narrower your focus, the better your results will be.

Know your target – put yourself it their shoes.

Ask yourself these questions or ask your current customers:

  • How far would they drive for what you have to offer?
  • Where is your web traffic coming from? Check your analytics/site statistics. It’s nice to have visitors from afar, but it’s a long shot that they’re going to be a loyal local customer
  • Is your website keywords to generic? Make sure your title reflects your location. Do a Google Keyword search for your geo area.
  • Follow local organizations like chambers or associations. Follow those who follow them. Find their groups on LinkedIn and communities on Google+
  • Research topics of local interest and blog about them. If you’re writing about something generic, apply it somehow to a local interest or idiosyncrasy.
  • Check the insights in your social networks to see your followers demographics and make sure they’re local to your area.

This infographic from “The Seen” explains in detail how content marketing helps local search:  Content Marketing helps Local Search SEO

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