Free Analysis of Your Website and Social Media Efforts

Have your website and social media efforts analyzed and along with a FREE 30-minute Phone Consultation.

This service is for businesses with existing websites and that have been actively blogging and doing social media marketing for at least 1 month.

Written Analysis of your website & social media efforts.I will review:

  • Your website and calls-to-action
  • Where you come up in Google search for your major keywords from the viewpoint of the searcher
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO) analysis
  • Analysis of your blog posts
  • Analysis of your social media posts and following
  • Mobile-friendly test

Your analysis will include:

  • The mistakes I see
  • How your site comes across to a visitor
  • Tips for improvement

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Get a Written Analysis Report – $125.

Please fill out the form below and include your website URL and links to your social media profiles. Please do not send passwords. Please include as much information as possible as to what you’re trying to accomplish and what you feel is not working. Please also include the paragraph defining your target market niche. The written analysis presented is for your company’s employees use only. It is not to be distributed outside of the receiving company.

Payment is required prior to my starting the analysis. You’ll be billed as soon as I receive your form.