A Free Boost for Locals with Google My Business

Google My Business

In another post, I told you about the change in Google My Business (GMB) – it’s just for local brick-and-mortar businesses. (E-commerce and home-based businesses click here.)

Once you have your GMB account set-up and the verification postcard is on it’s way, or if you’re already verified (You’ll see the blue check mark), you can post pictures, links to videos, promotions, blog posts, you name it!

Log in to your Google My Business Dashboard then click on Posts on the left menu.

Google My Business Dashboard

Google My Business post
Upload a picture with a promotion.

What’s really cool is you can add a Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

Here’s what the Google My Business Posts look like:

Google My Business Posts

It’s connected to the Google search engine. Everything posted gets indexed in the search engine!

A home-based or e-commerce business cannot be “verified” — that’s only for businesses with locations on Google Maps.

Google Plus is Gone

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