Free Online Marketing Social Media Terms Glossary

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When you’re on any of the social networks, do you feel like you’re in foreign country? Have you sat in a marketing class and what the instructor was saying — all those social media terms — went right over your head?

NO MORE! Free Social Media Terms Glossary & Lingo Guide

Here is the Ultimate Glossary of Social Media Terms and Online Marketing Lingo Guide.

Retweet, mention, tagging, SEO, hashtag, CTR, CTA, RSS, SERPs, tags, oh my!

Unless you learn the lingo, you’re going to make mistakes, look like a newbie and mess up your online image. Just like if you were taking a trip to a foreign country, you need to learn the basics to be able to communicate with the natives.

“The glossary is very helpful for those of us newbies still making our way through social media.” ~ Patricia, Mortgage Loan Officer

In this Facebook Live video, I explain why you need to download this glossary of social media terms.

Your target market is social savvy, isn’t it about time you are too!

Here’s a dictionary of words, terms, phrases and abbreviations you’ll encounter as you delve into online marketing. It covers everything that you need to communicate with the “natives” on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and WordPress.

This is a valuable tool even if you are hiring someone to do your social media for you! You need to know what they’re talking about. If they give you a report, what are you looking at? What does it mean?

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