FTC Truth in Advertising Rules now Apply to #SocialMedia

FTC Truth in Advertising Rules now Apply to #SocialMediaIt took them a while, but the FTC has come out with an updated Truth in Advertising act to include all digital media marketing. This applies both to paid ads on the social networks and shared posts, tweets and videos.

Regardless of the platform, just tell the truth!

Make sure claims and endorsements are backed up with data and proof. Watch this video from Arizona Horizon featuring John Norling, an attorney from Jennings, Strouss & Salmon.

If you break the FTC Truth in Advertising Rules, you can be subpoenaed and fined heavily going back as far as 5 years!

This will force businesses to clean up their acts and will give some more recourse to consumers who were duped. So….

  • Don’t stretch the truth
  • Don’t exaggerate findings and results
  • Don’t be deceptive
  • Don’t be unfair

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