Get Permission to Use People in Pictures and Videos

Get Permission from People in Pictures & VideosWe all know that using pictures and videos when marketing on social media works. Especially action shots, video testimonials, customers using products. If you use their likeness (face) in promoting yourself or your company, you must have their permission in writing. A verbal “sure” is not enough. That person may change their mind later on and sue you for using their picture or video in your marketing or advertising. Even children need to have a model release signed by a guardian.

You have to get permission to use people in pictures and videos. Ruth Carter, an attorney in Phoenix, explains why.

Here a sample model release you can edit for your business. Make sure you have everyone who is going to be in the picture or video sign one.

Oh, and you can’t just grab any picture off Google or Bing images either. Here are 7 Sources of Free High-Quality Pictures.

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