Why You Need to Have a Good Website to Build Credibility [Infographic]


A Successful company has a website that is usefulBack in the day, it used to be — If your business is not in the Yellow Pages, it doesn’t exist. When the World Wide Web came out it changed — If your business doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t exist.

I recently was asked for advice from someone with a limited budget that wanted to just do social media — because it’s free — and wait to do the website later. Not going to work.

Think about it, if you’re Googling for information on a service that you need and the only thing that comes up are some Tweets and Facebook posts — no website — will you do business with them? Probably not. The impression you get is — not credible — not a real business.

This infographic, found on Social Media Today, explains the importance of having website. Below I provide tips on how to get started with little or $0.

Infographic: how people see your website

Starting a business with little or no cash is hard. But you do need a website.

I know I’ve done it more than once. So how do you look credible? Here’s what I suggest…

  1. Have someone create a logo for you. Branding is crucial. Use it consistently on your website, business cards and social media profile pages.
  2. Create a free website at WordPress.com. Though you are on their platform and customization is limited, it’s a place to start for free. Here you can start blogging and creating content that Google will notice, you can have an “about” page and links to your social media and an email newsletter list call-to-action. With their free JetPack tool, you can share your blog posts on the social media networks automatically. Once you’re ready, you can easily move your content to a hosted WordPress website which will be yours.
  3. Setup your Social Media profiles on the networks where your target market frequents the most. These links will help:
  4. Get some 1:1 coaching.