Are People Who Need You Finding You?

How your website is optimized for Google search (SEO) is crucial to being found when someone is searching for what you have to offer.

I was walking my neighborhood one evening, a lady stopped me to ask directions.

Lady: “Which is 11th?”

Me: “11th what? There’s 11th Street, 11th Place and 11th Way.”

Lady: “I don’t know. Street or Place.”

Me: “There’s a difference. Do you have the exact address?”

Lady: “No. Can I get to 11th from here?”

Me: “Yes, you’re on 10th Street, turn left at the intersection and you’ll see all the 11s on your left.”

And she drove off. I saw her later on my walk on one of the 11s, pulled over probably calling someone still lost.

This got me thinking…

There must be a lot of people are out there searching for things without a clue of where to find what they want or need.

Some Google SEO Statistics

Source: 55+ Must-Know Google Search Statistics

Google SEO
  • Google has over 90% of all global search.
  • Google gets over 5.6 billion search requests per day.
  • An average person searches 3-4 times in a day.
  • 46% of searchers are looking for local information
  • 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the 1st page of local search results.

See, Google doesn’t want the searcher to be lost when they’re seeking. That’s why Google will offer up other suggests. It’s finishing our questions and attempting to know what we want even though we’re not sure. That’s AI — Artificial Intelligence.

Then you have voice search: “Hey, Siri” “Hey, Google” “Hey Alexa”.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm attempting to know what we want even before we know we want it. Also, to make sure searchers find what they are looking for quickly and don’t get lost.

What SEO do you Need to Be Found?

If you Google your business name, more than likely your website will come up on the first Google search engine results page (SERP).

But what if someone who needs your product or service doesn’t know your name? What if your business name is not very memorable?

That’s where understanding how SEO, keywords and phrases work is crucial to being found.

I met with a lady who had a yoga studio in Tempe. The name of the studio was Middle Eastern. Fine, but if you didn’t happen to know the name or how to spell it correctly, there was no way you were going to find it.

If you were looking for a yoga studio in Tempe, and you lived in Tempe, you’d search for: “yoga studio Tempe” or “yoga studio near me”. That’s where Google My Business comes in for local brick-and-mortar locations.

SEO Factors on a Website

www domain name for SEO

First, the domain name you choose is critical for SEO. It may not help if you abbreviate your business’s name. People may not know your acronym. It shouldn’t be very long so you can print in on a business card. If local, try to get one with your location.

Second, is the title of your home page. Hint: it’s not “Home”. Read: Home is not the name of your company.

Third is loading speed. I tested someone’s site and it took 35 seconds to load on my phone. It needs to load in less than 5 seconds or the searcher is gone elsewhere.

Fourth, your content needs to be updated regularly — fresh and relevant to match search terms you want to rank for — hence, come up on the first SERP. A blog will help you do this.

Some SEO Questions you Need to ask Yourself…

  1. Are my potential customer’s finding me?
  2. Am I being found when someone needs what I have to offer?
  3. Do I have analytics set up on my website and social networks?
  4. Am I reviewing my analytics and insights monthly?
  5. Am I publishing the right content in the right frequency?

If you’re not sure about any of these, then please schedule a free 15-minute phone consult and I’ll review your online marketing efforts and together we can help you market effectively.

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Are People Who Need You Finding You?
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