How Often Should You Blog for Marketing Success?

Wordpress blogging - how often do you blog

Let’s start with why you need to blog regularly. Here are the benefits of blogging…

  1. It helps with SEO – search engine optimization – Google looks for the freshest content that matches the search term entered by the searcher.
  2. It becomes part of your content marketing strategy – you need to educate your potential customer as to how your business can help them. You tell stories.
  3. Blogging regularly helps keep visitors on your site longer. If you have a list of topics or keywords, people will want to read more.
  4. You interconnect articles which helps with SEO. Google likes links. If you mention something in a blog post, and you previously wrote an article on that topic, you can link it to the current article.
  5. You want to drive people to your website.

Making the Blog Work

Basically, the more often you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website.

  1. Your website & blog is the center of your marketing – learn how to do it right. That’s why I recommend WordPress. If you’re attracting new visitors with good content, they are right in your website and other pages on your site will do well with SEO.
  2. Your website should have a call-to-action where you capture leads. Furthermore, turn visitors into leads then leads into sales with marketing automation.
  3. Have both strategic and tactical plans along with an editorial calendar. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
  4. Monitor and measure what’s working and what’s not working. Check your analytics and insights monthly.
  5. Share each blog post in your social media accounts. Use hashtags and share them more than once. That’s how you promote your articles.

How often should you blog?

First, if you haven’t blogged in a while or you have a brand new website, you need to blog DAILY for the first 2 weeks so that Google will notice you. That’s at lease 5 articles each week.

Then, in the 3rd and 4th weeks, 2-3 blog posts each week.

After the 4th week, check your analytics. How many visitors did you have? Where did they come from? More than likely, you will see the search engines come up first. So, that means that your blogging is working! The free Google plugin for WordPress, SiteKit, connects to your Google Analytics account and makes it easy to see where people are coming from.

Ongoing, write at least one article a week. Any less and Google will think you’re stagnant and ignore you. However, 3 times a week is the sweet spot!

Here’s proof!

Blogging 3x a week is the sweet spot


It Takes Some Learning and Organization

Once you learn how to blog effectively, the more you do it, the less time it will take you to blog. Plus, if it’s bringing in new business, then it’s working and the effort is worth it.

That’s how online marketing works. You need to put a lot of effort up front. Once you see what works and what doesn’t work, it will take less time for nicer rewards.

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