How to Develop Your Video Strategy

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Do you have a video strategy?

Why is Video so Hot?

Video entertains, informs and educates. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google with the most searched-for term being “how to”. So what’s stopping you from doing videos to promote your business?

You also have to have a video strategy for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Snapchat depending on who your target market is — the crucial first step!

In this video, Jesse Torres and Aaron Michael Sanchez, Two Men in Your Business, reveal tips to create a video strategy to promote your business.

Billions of people are going to video to get their information.

With today’s technology, you don’t need fancy video equipment to record effective marketing videos. You can do it with your smartphone!

Facebook is on the emerging page of video – earning them 3 billion views a day!

  1. Create your niche
  2. You want to be memorable — set yourself apart from the other guys
  3. Don’t bet the farm on one platform

Record your video and don’t just upload it to YouTube, upload it also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Keep is short and sweet.

Types of Videos:

You can create great videos on a smart phone
  • Corporate Video: this introduces a potential customer to your business. Should be done professionally as it will be your main commercial on your website and YouTube channel.
  • Behind the Scenes – these can be informal, quick, short videos shot on a smartphone or tablet.
  • How-to Videos – explain how to do something. Usually the person will have to get an expert to help anyway. These also establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Promotional videos – showcase specials, new products or services, seasonal sales, etc.
  • Storytelling – people love stories. Tell the story behind something you created, a hypothetical situation, why you started your business, etc.

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Your video strategy needs to be part of your overall marketing plan and your social media strategic and tactical plans.

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