What is Inbound Marketing? Get Found Online

What is inbound marketing

Face it. In today’s world, if you want to get new business, you need to be actively marketing online — and it’s called “Inbound Marketing”. You want to be found when people are searching for what you have to offer.

What is Inbound Marketing?

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You want to be found when people are searching for what you have to offer.

Back in the day, you used “outbound marketing” – broadcast and print – to get your message out there hoping that your target market saw it or heard it and came to your place of business or called you. NOT ANYMORE! Inbound marketing has revolutionized how people find what they want or need and how businesses market themselves. It is comprised of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Social Media. If you try to do one with out the other two, you won’t get the results you want.

Now you have to proactively take control of your marketing. And guess what? It doesn’t cost as much as old-fashioned broadcasting! It does, however, take a little “sweat equity” – but if you do it right, you’ll reap the good results.

Here’s a Video that Explains the Secret Formula of Inbound Marketing

There are no Shortcuts in Inbound Marketing

They are tempting. “Buy 20,000 Facebook Likes for $20” or “Get 5000 Instagram Followers for $5!” Easy, right? It’ll look so impressive to have so many followers! NO! These are all fake accounts and they are not your target market! They are not going to share your content and give you valuable social amplification. It also looks weird to have only 5 posts and 5000 followers. People follow you because you post good content. If you’re not posting why would someone follow you? Also, anyone can look at who is following you and what they post. And believe me, you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see that stuff!

Besides that, they are fake accounts! I can’t say that enough. They are accounts created by robots and the social networks regularly purge these. So buying followers is a waste of money!

The other temptation out there is to use easy, do-it-yourself website builders like Weebly or Wix. That’s the worst thing you can do. Those sites are built with lots of code in the background. All that code blocks the search engines from getting to the good content. And many of those sites do not comply with the Google Core Web Vitals Update of 2021 (Test Your Site Here). You are hindering search engine optimization for ease of use. WordPress is the best platform out there for websites with lots of free templates (themes) and plugins to save time, better optimize your site, and help drive potential customers to your website. Furthermore, it’s user friendly and I can teach you how to use it!

Here’s What You Need to do Get Found Online…

  1. Clearly Define Your Target Market’s Persona – find you niche. What are their “pain points” that you can alleviate. (Download the Free Workbook)
  2. Have a WordPress site with both static pages that tell about your company, products or services and a blog where you tell stories, show off your expertise and basically talk to your target market(s). Blog at least 3x a week to start. This will help drive traffic to your website. Blog no less than once a week.
  3. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes. What are they going to enter into the search box to find you? Do some Keyword Research.
  4. Set-up social media accounts in the major networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Note: Use YouTube only if you’re going to be doing videos regularly — at least once a month. Use Instagram if you are a local business, do a lot of events or have products to showcase.
  5. Check out your competition to see what they are doing and do more of it and better.

How to Use the Google Keyword Research Tool

Why do People go Online?

People get online for a variety of reasons:

  • To be entertained. Pain Point: boredom
  • To get answers to questions. Pain Point: curiosity or need
  • To find a product or service. Point Point: want or need
  • To catch up with friends and family or find new friends. Pain Point: loneliness, worry
  • To find out what’s going on in news, latest fashion, celebrities, etc. Pain Point: curiosity, boredom, need for information

Get the Idea?

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Isn’t it time you went from overwhelmed to well-planned?

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