How & What Should I Post on Social Media to Get Results?

You’ve done your research. You’ve determined who your target market is and which social media networks they use most often. Obviously, you want results, right? You want conversions. Those could be ecommerce sales, leads or calls. Naturally, it’s whatever objectives you determine are your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Next, you need to get your social media strategy going.

First, it’s not all About You or Your Company!

Social Media

It’s about what you can do for your client or potential client.

They’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?” when they discover your social media. What’s more, it’s about providing valuable information, educating, helping, answering questions that they may ask before they ask them.

The 10-4-1 Social Media Posting Rule

For every 15 tweets or posts — more or less:

  • 10 posts should be sharing other people’s content with your followers – trusted experts and influencers in your field or industry. That means you need to keep up with industry news daily. Subscribe to their blogs. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Share their posts with your followers. The experts will notice you also and appreciate your sharing their content.
  • 4 posts should be sharing your content that’s not direct sales related. These are your blog posts on how to save time and money, videos showing how to do something – content of value to your followers. If the content is good, they’ll share it with their friends and followers and that’s how you become an influencer and known as an expert in your field.
  • Finally, 1 — and only 1 out of 15 — should be a direct sales pitch — your Call-to-Action (CTA) — a special deal, check this out, order today, etc.

In other words, SHARE don’t SELL!

A good strategy is this:

  • At least 10-15 posts to Twitter each day – information moves so quickly on Twitter that posts spaced during the day won’t overwhelm your audience. Use TweetDeck to easily schedule them out.
  • 3-5 posts to Facebook a day — Facebook is now very challenging.
  • 3-5 posts to LinkedIn a day. Post to any LinkedIn groups 3 times a week. Don’t overburden the group members with your content. Respect their rules. Each group is different. Be sure you read their rules before you start participating. This also applies to groups on Facebook and other networks.
  • If you’re a brick-and-mortar location, don’t forget Google Business Profile (Formally Google My Business)! Even though it’s not a social network, it’s crucial for SEO.
  • 5-10 on Instagram — graphics, pictures and videos — with hashtags!

Of course, this is not written in stone. Be flexible. If you find that you’re getting more action in one network over another, then you can adjust your posting and focus more time on those networks. That’s where your analytics and insights come in.

Don’t be Overwhelmed!

Moreover, there are a bevy of tools like, Sendible and Feedly (my favs) to help you save time, schedule out and automate a lot of your social media sharing. Note, most of these are free to a point, or they have a free trial. Check them out and decide which one you need and is easy for you to use.

However, keep this in mind — you can automate a lot of your content, but you still have to be social! That’s the social part of social media!

Furthermore, if you need help putting together your social media marketing strategy, getting your social media profiles setup, building your following or just learning how to use the tools properly, click here to schedule a free 15-minute Zoom consult.

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