Instagram Stats You Need to Know for Today

Looks like Instagram is stealing some of Facebook’s thunder! If you want to reach the under 34 consumer crowd, Instagram is where you need to be!

With 1 Billion users each month sharing 95 million posts every day, you can’t ignore it if that’s your target market.

Brands are getting more engagement on the same posts on Instagram than on Facebook.

Since Facebook changed their algorithm in March of 2018, it’s become more difficult to gain organic (non-paid) reach. Not so on Instagram.

Instagram Users…

  • Visit Business Profile pages — that where the link to the websites are — at least one daily! So you want to make sure that it’s your business profile.
  • They watch a brand’s Instagram Stories and they are hooked.
  • User Generated Content (UGC) drives organic engagement. This is when a user uploads a picture of them using your product or service and tags your business. You can be notified every time you’re tagged to review the post.

Is Instagram for your Business?

Simply Smashing promo on Instagram

Instagram is all visual. Pictures or videos. Get creative. If you provide a service, hold a contest or ask happy, camper customers to take pictures or videos using your service. It’s great for before and after pictures.

Keep in mind that it’s a younger audience – 18-34. Yes, there are older folks on there, but you have to have specific strategies to reach them.

Remember, links do not work in posts unless you pay for advertising. Do not put them in! This will hurt your reach. Users know to go to business profiles. If you have a brick-and-mortar, make sure you have a business account connected to your Facebook Business Page to tag your location with each post.

Use hashtags consistently. Learn more here…

This Infographic from Squarelovin, has all the details…

Instagram Stats for 2020

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Instagram Stats You Need to Know for Today

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