Jump-Start Social Media Following Builder

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The longer it takes you build a following, the longer it will take you to start seeing results.

Building your following on social mediaIf you’re just starting your social media marketing from scratch, building a social media following takes time and a lot of sweat equity. Ideally, you should spend about 90 minutes a day for the first 30 days building relationships, curating content, sharing, thanking, commenting, gaining exposure.

Many business owners and managers don’t have that kind of time to devote to growing their social networks so that’s where we come in.

Jump-Start Social Media Following Builder

As of September 2017, I’m not taking on any new implementation clients.

I recommend, the Hybrid, DIY Social Media Marketing plan where…

  1. I do your Social Media Marketing Plan
  2. You Learn how to do it all yourself by watching the easy-to-understand free videos
  3. If you need help and additional training, we can do a 1:1 Skype coaching session.

Let’s start with a phone consult: Click here to book a 15-minute phone consult.

For those starting from scratch with little or no following for 30 days to commence after set-up is completed. Requires business owner or the industry expert to blog 2-3 times a week and the marketing plans.

Note: Target market and goals as set in the strategic and tactical plans.

  • 90 minutes a day of posting, managing, monitoring, engaging and connecting with target market
  • Watching for trends on Twitter and Google+ and posting accordingly
  • Creating custom hashtags and posts
  • Engaging (sharing, liking and commenting) with target market and referral sources
  • Monitoring industry specific keywords in Twitter & Internet news, sharing posts of interest to the target market
  • Sharing content from trusted sources of interest to target market(s) on the the networks
  • Weekly analytics of progress
  • End-of-month meeting to report and review metrics, analytics and insights and adjustment of the strategic and tactical plans
  • Planning for the next month based on seasons, holidays, special events, etc.

Does not include YouTube. Does not include blogging. If starting from scratch, it recommended that you blog or produce a video at least 3 times a week.

The following 30-day goals, if starting from scratch, are usually:

  • 100 Twitter followers
  • 30-50 Facebook likes
  • 50 connections on LinkedIn (personal)
  • 25 followers to your LinkedIn business page
  • 100 active connections on Google+
  • 10 Pinterest followers