The Latest Social Media Marketing News: Nov. 16, 2018

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Are you ready? It starts next week! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, then Giving Tuesday. Take advantage that all this will be trending on Twitter and Instagram. Get your promo graphics done, your strategy set, the tactical plan checklist developed, because if you expect that people will just find you when all your competitors are using social media and you’re not, you’ll be disappointed. Then you’ll ask, yourself, “Why didn’t I plan for the holidays?” “Why did I wait till the last minute?” It’s not too late! Book a coaching and strategy session! 🎄

WordPress 5.0 with the new Gutenberg Editor coming Nov. 27th!

The WordPress platform will be undergoing a major update on Nov. 27th. The classic WordPress editor that we bloggers are so used to using will become a plugin. I spoke to my web guy, Kerry Townsend of Sonfisher Web Studios and he said, “DO NOT INSTALL GUTENBERG! It’s not ready for prime time yet.” Think of it like when the latest Windows version update came out. Experts never installed the first version. Basically, wait till all the bugs are fixed. And from what I hear, it’s very buggy.

Major updates to software and plugins are usually whole numbers. Security and usability updates are usually like 3.1 or 4.6.3 and so on. They make the updates as users complain or report bugs and problems.

So, if you have your WordPress site to update automatically, take it off. When you see the 5.0 update, DO NOT INSTALL IT! Talk to your webmaster. If you don’t have one — and you really should have someone monitoring backups and security — contact me and we can discuss your options.

I’ll be sitting through a full-day webinar on Gutenberg to learn it so I’ll be able to teach you once it’s debugged. Stay tuned for more information. – the free WordPress will also be transitioning to Gutenberg. I have a site there so I’ll use it to experiment. What’s the difference between &

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