Learn How to Effectively Blog on the New WordPress Gutenberg Editor!

Learn to Blog on WordPress Gutenberg
Blogging on WordPress

Are you struggling with blogging on your WordPress blog?
Do you wish you could spend less time blogging?
Are you hesitant to blog because you’re not sure how to do it?
Are you new to WordPress of the new Gutenberg Block Editor?

I can help you.

With one or two 1:1 WordPress Tutoring Sessions you can Learn:

  • How to easily publish a blog more often
  • How to add eye-catching graphics that get shared on social media
  • What it takes to optimize the post for the Google search engine using a free plugin
  • How to write enticing headlines so people will click on the link
  • Putting the right calls-to-action to get results

What You Get:

  • Free Customized Keyword List to help you optimize your blog articles & give you the topics that YOUR potential customers are searching for
  • A WordPress Blogging Manual to reference later
  • A video of the session so you can review it later


Upon booking, you will receive an invoice via Square due upon receipt. When payment is received, you’ll get the links to the templates. Any overtime will be billed at $45/half-hour. If your session is cancelled due to illness or an unexpected circumstance, payment may be applied to another session, online membership or refunded. No refunds for time not used. You’ll get the Zoom link instructions when the session is booked.

*Using Zoom, you share your screen with me and I guide you through everything. Please have Zoom installed on your computer or make sure you have the latest updated version. Note: to share your screen you must have a camera on your computer. Otherwise, I can demonstrate what you need to do.

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