Learning Social Media Marketing is like Learning How to Drive a Car

Ford's 1964 Mustang broke sales records because they had a vision.Remember when you learned how to drive? The car is a tool to get you from point A to point B. The instructor showed you how it works, taught you how to drive it and then you got a map to help you get where you wanted to go. Today it’s a GPS. Do you remember once you learned how to drive, that you couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and go? Now, it’s second nature.

That’s how social media is. The networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) are the cars. Each one drives differently. Like a manual transmission car vs an automatic. A compact vs a pick-up truck. You have to learn the idiosyncrasies of each one. Each is a tool. But the tool is only as good as the person using it.

social media strategic and tactical planningThen you have to plan the road trip. You need a map, have to take account how many hours you’re going to drive before stopping for the night. Or you use a GPS. Without directions on how to get somewhere, you’ll waste time and gas driving around in circles. You have to ask for directions or get your GPS straight before you take off.

The mistakes I’m finding that many business owners make is they think that posting on Facebook or connecting on LinkedIn is good enough for them to start promoting their business. But if we go back to the car analogy, if you’ve been driving an automatic all your life and you get behind a stick-shift, you’re not going have a smooth ride until you master the clutch and shifting.

Here’s what you need to do learn how to market with social media. You need to…

  1. Learn how to drive the car – Learn the dos and don’ts of each network, the strategies and best practices to properly market your business.
  2. Know where you’re going – Define your target market.
  3. Find the best route to reach them – Do some research on the demographics of each network and see where your target market is hanging out.
  4. Map the trip – Have a concise, written plan and follow it.
  5. Know where you’re going to stay – What is your goal with social media marketing? To get generate traffic to your website? Get leads? To sell a product? Build brand awareness? Pick one or two and stick with it.
  6. Time out your tripHow much time will you spend on each network? You need to have a presence on all of them, but focus on where your target market is. Be flexible. If you’re getting more results from one or another, change your focus.

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Social Media is not going away anytime soon. One thing’s for sure, marketing is not like it used to be so you need to adapt, evolve and grow with the new tools and strategies.

The best thing you can do is have an expert guide you – Your Driving Instructor.

That’s me. I’ll teach you how to use the tools, help you determine where you target market is and how best to reach them and build relationships with them. Help you strategize on where, what, when and how often to post, blog & share.

I can teach you how to manage your social media campaign in just 30 minutes a day. Yes it can be done. You can do it! It’s not that hard when you have the right tools and learn how to use them effectively. It’s best to hire me to get it right the first time then have to hire me to fix a mess. Remember, it’s your business’s reputation that’s at stake!

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Learning Social Media Marketing is like Learning How to Drive a Car
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Giselle Aguiar

Giselle Aguiar is a social media, inbound and content marketing specialist and trainer helping business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields.