How to Properly and Effectively Market Your Business on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day!

How to manage LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day!

LinkedIn is your virtual Rolodex! It’s networking at the chamber of commerce on steroids. If you’re B2B, LinkedIn should be your primary network. If you’re B2C, it helps with trust and credibility. Besides that, LinkedIn users are sophisticated consumers! You probably think that you don’t have time to use LinkedIn properly. With this article, and infographic, you’ll learn how with just 15 minutes a day, you can maximize your exposure and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day!

  1. Browse the business news and share relevant items on your personal LinkedIn feed or comment on the news. On the desktop, from the Home tab, on the right you’ll see “LinkedIn News”. Additionally, you can follow certain companies and hashtags to get the latest news. Or, use the free online news reader, (That’s what I use!) The idea is the more you share news and comment on news that’s relevant to your field or industry, the more people are going to recognize your expertise. Then, when they or a friend of theirs needs your product or service, they know who to contact. It’s not who you know, it’s who your friends know!
  2. Build your network. Accept (or reject) any connection requests. Check your notifications to see if any of ythem is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Browse through the list of “People You May Know” from the “My Network” tab to see if there are new people. Send connection invitations to people you met at a networking event. Invite your connections to like your business page. You get 250 “credits” or invites each month. The more you do this, the more you’ll be top-of-mind with your connections. However, don’t become a pest.
  3. Visit your groups. Check out what’s being discussed your groups and comment on them. Post an informative article or ask a question. Invite group members to connect with you. Always, respect the group’s rules and don’t over promote.

Obviously, you also need to check to see if anyone sent you a message. Also, once a week, publish an article repurposing a blog from your website to LinkedIn.

Here’s an Infographic you can download as a reminder of what you need to do each day on LinkedIn…..

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn and it’s power, check out these two webinar videos…

Personal Profile

Business Profile

If you need help setting up your LinkedIn profile, please book a free 15-minute Zoom consult.

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