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LinkedInLet’s talk about some new features over on LinkedIn! First is a simple feature that will solve a headache. I love it. I keep getting connection invitations from people outside of the U.S. and others who I really don’t feel comfortable connecting with. Plus, it gets annoying. I’ve got over 3500 connections and I’m not really looking to connect with more. I’ll seek people to connect with and LinkedIn now has the option to change the “Connect” button to “Follow”. You can follow anyone without connecting to them. I like that better. If you like what I post, the articles I write, then by all means follow me. We don’t have to be connected. Just because we’re connected doesn’t mean that I’m interested in your product or service. However, if I know someone who needs something, I’m going to go to LinkedIn first and recommend someone in my network.

So how do you change the connect button on LinkedIn?

Go to Settings & Privacy from the “Me” menu in the top right on desktop (it’s a little different on mobile — see scroll down):

Settings on LinkedIn

Then click on “Privacy” and go to “Blocking & Hiding”. Under “Followers”, turn on “Make Follow Primary”. That will change the button on your profile.

Changing the connect button to follow on LinkedInOn their Mobile app, tap on the top right corner to get to settings, then Privacy. Then go down to “Who Can Follow You:

LinkedIn Settings MobileThen select “Make Follow Primary”:

Change connect button on mobileShould you change your connect button to follow?

If you are relatively new to LinkedIn & need to grow your connections, then no. Once you’re past the 500 mark, then you can consider changing your button. With the follow button as primary, if someone wants to connect with me, they need to click on the “…” to see that choice.

But the cool new feature on LinkedIn is LIVE VIDEO!

Yes, they caught up to Facebook and just in time. B2B businesses are fleeing Facebook and focusing now on LinkedIn and Twitter. The Live Video feature is only available on their mobile app., but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s available soon on desktop. That’s how Facebook started.

On the mobile app, go the to right on the home page, you’ll see the video icon. Tap it and you can go live or upload a video.

Live video on LinkedIn mobile

So far it’s only available on your individual feed rather than on a company profile. I just noticed that you can’t edit your company profile pages on the mobile app. Which is one of reasons that if you want to do your social media marketing right, you need a computer. You can’t do everything you need to do on a mobile device (tablet).

LinkedIn also announced today that it’s going to tweak their algorithm to “help more creators get better engagement on the content they share.”

Here is a piece from Social Media Examiner on how to leverage LinkedIn Video.

Hah! Take that Facebook! B2B business will be the first to flee and defect to LinkedIn.

It’s so nice to talk about something else besides Facebook. I’m not the only one that’s frustrated with them. Check out this article from someone at Hubspot on Facebook’s trust factor.

Here’s some more bad news for Facebook: Why Social Media Examiner abandoned Facebook live video.

Now for some Hot Tips in Social Media Marketing:

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