Video: How to Survive Twitter: Manage it with TweetDeck

How to manage Twitter with TweetDeck

Twitter is now X and TweetDeck is no longer a FREE tool, but only available with the paid subscription. It’s now called “XPro”.

It helps you manage your Twitter account easily, see who’s followed, retweeted or mentioned you, create lists to monitor competition, monitor hashtags and most importantly, schedule tweets to post into the future. It’s a great time-saving tool! It been updated and this video will give you a guided tour of its new look and cool features…

How to Use XPro to Manage Twitter

TweekDeck helps you grow your following!

You can easily thank people for following you, mentioning or retweeting.

I first discovered TweetDeck when I was trying to manage an employer’s Twitter account as well as my personal one (because I was promoting a book). Having to switch back and forth having to log out of one to log into the other was a pain. Furthermore, I needed a way schedule tweets to go out in the future. (Twitter’s up 24/7, you don’t have to be!)

Organize Columns

What I love about TweetDeck is you can organize columns to view your feed in “Home”, Your (My) Profile, create lists, follow hashtags and see which posts already went out. And the best part is you can schedule posts to go out in the future! Moreover, you can also create private lists to keep tabs on your competition!

TweetDeck columns to monitor and manage Twitter.

What’s trending is now “Explore” on Twitter…

View it in a column on TweetDeck

This feature is fantastic! Now you can really manage your Twitter account all in one page. The only thing you don’t have is analytics. You’ll have to go to your main Twitter page to see them. (Make sure you turn analytics on and you have 100 followers.) Learn how to use hashtags here.

The Explore column on TweetDeck shows you what's trending on Twitter.

I post a monthly article towards the end of each month on what will be trending in the next month so you can plan ahead and then use TweetDeck to schedule out your posts to take advantage of the trend to get extra exposure and grow your following. Learn how to take advantage of what’s trending here.

Schedule Out Tweets

When you click on the Tweet button on the left, it will open the editing column. Here, you can easily schedule out tweets to go out in the future. And once it’s scheduled, it’ll appear in the scheduled column…

Easily schedule out tweets with TweetDeck

Uploading Images

Additionally, You can use TweetDeck to upload one short video or up to 4 images directly into Twitter. Consequently, when you auto share from Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, all you see is a link. Obviously, showing the picture, graphic, animated gif, even a video is way better and more eye-catching.

Easily upload videos and images using TweetDeck.

In conclusion, Twitter is a very powerful tool when used strategically and consistently. If you need help deciding if your business should be on Twitter or not, please click here to schedule a free 15-minute Zoom consult.

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