Why you need to use Google+ to help with SEO

Why you need to use Google+ to help with SEOI recently read a blog post by a supposed social media expert that stated that Google+ does not help with SEO and to not bother with it. I discovered that this is wrong.

Anything posted public in Google+ gets indexed in the Google search engine and that absolutely helps with SEO!

I was doing research for a client on the economic overview of leisure travel and I click on a search result on the first page and it took me to a Google+ post. Later, when I mentioned this in one of my boot camp classes, a student says, “I don’t see any posts coming up.” I thought that odd and continued with the class. I found out why.

On my office computer, I use Firefox as my main browser. On my laptop I use Google Chrome. I did another Google search on Chrome and I got a G+ post in the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Then I did the same search on Firefox and that post didn’t come up. I then realized that…

Google+ posts only come up in Google searches done on the Chrome browser!

OK, so how important is this fact? How many people use Chrome compared to the other browsers: IE, Safari, Firefox and Opera?

Turns out that 69% of Internet users us Chrome!

Why Google+ is crucial for SEO

In fact, the other browsers are losing users and Chrome is gaining!

Proof positive that Google+ is a crucial tool for search engine optimization (SEO)!

What are you waiting for? Get social savvy!

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