New Info by Industry: How Top Websites get their Traffic

What’s your industry? Wouldn’t you like to know how top websites in your industry specifically drive traffic to their website? This new report shows that SEO is actually more critical than social media in driving traffic to websites.

New Report from Alexa Details Website Traffic Sources

New report from Alexa details websites and how they get their traffic

Explanation of Terms

When I first saw this in another website, my first question was, “What are referrals?”, since Google Analytics defines referrals as any click-throughs from an external website including social media. So here’s what it all means….

  • Search – Obviously these are from any of the search engines. However, remember that Google has about 90% of all global search. Follow Google’s rules and you’ll be OK with the others. Moreover, as you can see, search is the the main source of traffic for the majority of the sites. This tells us that SEO is crucial.
  • Direct – This is when someone knows your website address and enters it in directly in the browser address bar (not the search engine box). Think of all the ways that people know your website…
    • Having an easy-to-remember URL/website address
    • Returning Customers and/or Visitors
    • Offline Networking, Business Cards, and/or Advertising
  • Referrals – These are from another website — not social media.
    • Do you belong to an association, organization or group? Your website is probably listed in their online directory.
    • Have you contributed articles to another online blog or magazine. For instance, I regularly contribute to SCORE Greater Phoenix’s Blog. Within the article copy are links back to my website which help people get there. There’s also a link in my author bio.
    • You could advertise on a popular website that caters to your target audience.
    • Email falls under this category also. Keep up those monthly (at least) newsletters going, as well as marketing automation.
  • Social Media – It seems like direct social media traffic isn’t really helping to drive traffic to websites. However, regularly posting to social media absolutely helps with SEO! So, just because you see that social media isn’t driving as much traffic to your website as search, it sill is assisting in the background — Don’t Stop!

The Importance of Analytics

I cant’ stress this enough! Make sure your Google analytics are set up as soon as your website is built and definitely before you start blogging. This will tell you where your traffic is coming from and what’s working and not working.

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New Info by Industry: How Top Websites get their Traffic

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