Powerful Facebook Features that You Need to Know About

Have you noticed all the new Facebook features? Maybe not.

Besides “Reactions”, there are several other new Facebook features that they haven’t fully released to the public yet. I wrote about the Business Directory, but there are a few things you need to know about it.

  • It’s still kind of in the “beta” version. You can’t find the Business Directory on the Facebook home page yet. They’re still trying to get the bugs out. Every time I go to it, it looks different. When I took this screenshot, all that you see is Facebook’s pages.  Facebook Features: Business Directory
  • When I did a search for “Phoenix, AZ”, look what I got: Facebook Features: Pages DirectoryBesides the logos, what do see that is prominent? REVIEWS!
  • Reviews are going to be very, very important! As are Page Likes!

Facebook’s newly updated Places Directory is pretty impressive.

Facebook Features: Places DirectoryWithout clicking or searching for anything, it knows that I’m in Phoenix, AZ, because I have that as my location on my profile. (Why a picture of Paris comes up, I don’t know.) Each time I go here, I see something different under “Popular places in Phoenix, Arizona”. The first time, I got Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson. Now, based on my physical location, I’m very near to the Harley dealership. However, I’ve never searched for it or liked it. The other location that came up, that time, was a restaurant down the street from my office, that I once looked at their menu. When I took this screenshot, I got 2 hotels and the Desert Botanical Garden featured. I know I’ve liked the Grand and the Garden and I may have checked-in at the Phoenician once.

So, what does tell us?

Places are going to come up based on:

  • Location and the proximity to the searcher or the city name
  • Popularity, which is determined by:
    • Reviews
    • Likes
    • Check-ins

Hence, it’s vitally important for any LOCAL BUSINESS. To encourage their customers to…

  1. Review them on Facebook
  2. Like their page
  3. Check-in when they’re there

Also, your business’s Facebook page has to be one of your main showcases for your business. That means…

  • Good, clear quality graphics
    • A logo that’s not cut-off. You can’t upload a rectangular logo into a square. It will get cut off.
    • A cover graphic that will tell a visitor what it is that you do in seconds. No text that obstructed by the page features and no fuzzy graphic. You can’t take a small graphic and stretch it to fit! 
  • A completed “About” section. Facebook gives you the most space of all the networks to add company information. USE IT! Make sure visitors can contact you and they know what it is that you do.
  • A clear call-to-action (CTA) button that goes either to a contact page, website, video or for local businesses, “call us” – so a mobile user can easily call you.

Reactions are new, too.

I’m wondering how soon the other major networks are going to adopt them. Any user, if they’re using it as themselves as an individual or as a business page, can not just “like” a post, but show their reaction: “Love, Ha-ha, Wow, Sad or Angry”: Facebook Features: Reactions

The question is: Are they reacting to the post or to the company?

Facebook is going to have break down their analytics. Right now they only show under “Engagement”: “Reactions, Shares and Comments”. “Reactions” replaced “Likes”. They’re going to have to show which posts got which reaction. Another thing to keep in mind if your followers are only hitting “Like” – that’s the fastest response. You need to hover your mouse over the Like button so the line of Reactions come up. Then they need to select the one they want. Takes a few extra seconds.

April 12, Facebook is going to release a WordPress plugin that’s going to help you publish your blog posts via Facebook Messenger!

According to Marketing Land, it’s Facebook’s attempt to make Messenger more than just a chat/texting app, but also a content app. It only works with WordPress! If you don’t have a hosted WordPress site, we can help you learn how to build your own and learn how to maintain it as well as blog effectively. Check out our full class schedule here.

Live Streaming

Move over Periscope, Meerkat and Blab! Here’s comes Facebook Live Streaming! Facebook Features: live video streamingIt’s available on Facebook’s mobile app for iOS and Android. You’ll see the live video option when you click on “status”. Here’s a podcast from Facebook Guru, Mari Smith on how businesses can use the new Live Video feature.

The bottom line is, whether you’re Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B), you need to be on Facebook.

Yes, even B2B companies. That’s where the people are. You’re not going to ignore the other networks. They are all free billboards and listings. But you definitely have to clearly know who your target market is and where they spend most of their time. With all these new Facebook features, Facebook is still going to remain number one.

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