Realtors – Why aren’t you using Social Media?

Realtors: are you using social media correctly?

Wait, let me reword that question: Realtors, why aren’t you using social media correctly to market and promote you and your business effectively?

Whatever your excuse is, it won’t fly.

All you need is 1 fan with a lot of friends

You can’t ignore social media any more. I know you’re busy. I know that you’re short-staffed. But you have to figure out what you need to do to promote yourself and your business properly using these free, powerful tools.

“But I don’t have TIME!”

Yes, I know that, too. So here’s my solution:

Don’t outsource your social media. Why?

  1. You know YOUR business more than anyone else.
  2. You have to create fresh content (blogging) and who else to do that in YOUR VOICE, than You?
  3. A 3rd party social media person may also be helping to promote another Realtor in your area – a competitor!
  4. Social Media is social – that means that one of it’s purposes is to build relationships with potential & current clients. Who do you want building relationships with YOUR potential clients – a stranger or yourself or a trained staff member?

What you need to do is get trained or have a staff member trained on how to market your business on social media.

Knowing how to post on Facebook and Twitter is not enough.

  • There are strategies, tactics and dos and don’ts for each network — each has its own culture and language.
  • Your social media campaign has to be planned out.
  • Going out there and willy-nilly start posting is a great way to waste time and energy and you won’t be happy with the results.
  • There’s also some research involved.

First, you must identify a specific target market.

target market research

I once asked a Realtor client, “Who’s your target market?”

She answered, “Anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.”

“That’s too broad. Can you narrow it down?”


“OK, that’s a little better, but still too broad.”

“Hispanic professionals with families.”

“Now, you’re talking! We can work with that!”

What’s your BRAND?

Bill Radke Real Estate
Guess what this Realtor’s passion is?

What’s your hobby? What are your interests? Define one thing that you are passionate about and build your brand around that. It could be a local sports team, playing a sport, pets, a cause or charity, etc.

Here’s a fine example. I recently connected with Bill Radke. Obviously, he’s a dog lover. He’ll know where the best vets are, the pet stores, the dog parks. He’ll know the specific needs of dog owners when it comes to buying a house. He can really connect with a specific target market – dog lovers.

Your next step is to learn how to properly use the free tools – the social media networks and the free software that’s available to manage your marketing campaign. If you don’t want to learn it yourself, then have a staff member trained.

Social Media 1:1 coaching & training

Building Your Following

How to Grow a True Social Media Following that will Help your Business

The most time-consuming part of social media is not the training, not the set-up, but building a following. That takes time – a little “sweat equity”.

  • You need to search for industry leaders and influencers and start following them.
  • You need to search for your target market on the networks and start following them.
  • Research industry bloggers to find trusted sources who produce content that you can share.
  • You need to greet new followers.
  • You need to keep up with industry news.

Staff members can be trained on how to do this. Once a following is built and you’re providing good content for them, it keeps growing and it can all be managed in 30 minutes a day.

Yes, it can be done in 30 minutes a day! I can show you how.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consult

Realtors: It’s all about Content

Your followers don’t just want to see listings — whether 360 degree videos, walk-throughs or pitches. One of the best things you can do is tell stories.

You’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a neighborhood, a city, a community. You’re also selling a lifestyle.

That’s where a blog comes in. It will help you with SEO. Here are some examples:

  • Selling a condo in downtown or uptown Phoenix: “Downtown Phoenix Living” — feature restaurants, the arts, the culture and history.
  • Selling a house in the West Valley targeting young Hispanic families: highlight the neighborhood, schools, restaurants and cultural activities.
  • Targeting young, health-minded, millennials in Scottsdale : Feature hiking trails, health food stores, dog parks, fitness centers, etc.

Tell Stories:

Every neighborhood has a history, stories of the first investors or businesses in the area. Sure, it will take a little research, but your website will stand out over all the other Realtors because you will be an expert in that area.

Furthermore, even though you can sell everywhere, focus on one neighborhood. Narrow down your target market. Others will fall in, but you’ll do better targeting one audience.

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