The Latest Round-up of Social Media News You Can Use: 10/30/18

Social Media News You can Use!

In case you missed it — and you really should watch this eye-opening Frontline special — especially if you plan on spend some advertising dollars on Facebook. You should seriously consider not putting all your eggs in one basket. Check out Facebook Q3 earnings and user stats.

For instance, Instagram, Snapchat Continue to Lead in Teen Usage, While Facebook Continues to Decline.

Pinterest & E-commerce:

If you’re trying to reach the consumer to attract them to our Ecommerce site, Pinterest is where you need to be. It helps with SEO since when you or someone else pins a picture or video from your website, it takes the link with it creating a legitimate backlink that Google like.




Content Marketing & Other Tips:

Lastly, I want to share this piece from Neil Patel: 34 Marketing Principles. Now, I don’t agree with ALL of them, but if you have no experience in marketing, this will be very helpful.

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